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This blog is written by Barry Welford. He is a writer, speaker and Internet Marketing expert working for SMM Internet Marketing Consultants. He is a consultant and coach to manufacturing and service businesses of all kinds. He has extensive international business experience with major multinational corporations, particularly in marketing. He has degrees in Mathematics and Statistics from Cambridge and London.

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Barry is well known in the Internet marketing world and is a moderator on the Cre8asite Forums. Many know his writings through three business blogs. BPWrap covers Internet Marketing (SEM, SEO, etc.) from a global perspective, The Other Bloke’s Blog covers Business and Internet Marketing from a Canadian perspective and StayGoLinks provides news and views on the rapidly growing Mobile Web.

He now lives with his wife, Vivianne, in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Her horse, Amazing Grace, is never far away. It’s great country for outdoor pursuits and birding, whenever time allows.