Retired and Broke? Get Back In The Game With 5 Money Making Pointers

When in retirement, a person should have money in the bank and no financial problems. Sadly, with the current economic state, many older folks do not have a posh retirement, even find themselves without money at the end of the month. However, with these five tips, a person can regain their financial freedom and make some money in the process.

Part Time Work:

When working a part-time job, a retired individual can make some extra cash and get free health benefits. Now, this is easier than in the past as many companies love hiring older and hardworking people who have experience in the industry. Other times, a person with a lot of qualifications should consider setting up a part-time business or offering their services as a consultant.


A person with a lot of monthly bills should try to contact the companies and ask for lower rates. Whether doing this for insurance or cable bills, an individual can save money without much work. In reality, with a five-minute phone call, a consumer can save hundreds of dollars a year. One must remember that most companies prefer to lower a customer’s bills than lose them to a competitor. When a consumer takes advantage of this, they will still enjoy the same services.


Many still carry a mortgage into retirement as it offers a person money-saving benefits on his or her taxes. To get the best deal, a person who qualifies should search for >Low VA Rates at websites such as Without a doubt, people overpay on their monthly mortgage payment without a second thought.

Garage Sale:

When retired, a person will not have to commute to work or wear nice clothes. To make some money, a retired individual should sell off some of his or her unneeded junk. When taking a week or two to organize a sale, one can see serious returns and clean their house in the process.


In retirement, a person will not need a large house with four or more rooms. To save money and cut bills drastically, an individual should consider downsizing and moving into a condo or small house. Not only will a retired person save money on his or her mortgage payment, they will also pay lower utility bills.

With these five simple tips, a person with financial problems during retirement can get to the bottom of the issue. Fortunately, when taking a few minutes a day to improve one’s situation, a person will not struggle to get back on the right track financially.