Motorcycle Insurance Information That Seniors Need To Know

Senior citizens may be entitled to discounts on their motorcycle insurance. Some insurance companies try to get around this by not informing customers of this fact. Insurance companies in both the United States and Canada often have a policy that offers discounts for safe driving records. However, if seniors don’t ask about the discounts they are not informed about them by the agent.

If you are looking for motorcycle insurance Canada offers several options that can lower the cost. In most cases the cost of your motorcycle insurance is based on your driving record, the type of motorcycle you own, and past insurance coverage. Seniors are in an enviable position to cash in on lower rates, if they have never had an accident on their motorcycle. This is something that your insurance agent may, or may not, tell you about so be sure to ask about discounts for safe driving records.

Some people make the mistake of canceling their motorcycle insurance during the winter months. This practice can lead to higher premiums for their insurance coverage. Most motorcycle insurance is pro-rated so that you are actually only paying for the months when it is possible to ride. In some areas of the United States it is possible to ride year round so this would not apply there. However, in many parts of the United States and Canada there are several months of winter weather where riding a motorcycle is just not possible.

The type of motorcycle you drive is also a deciding factor in the amount of insurance coverage you will need. High speed or high performance bikes will of course cost more to insure. In some cases the age of the bike will also have a bearing on the price you will pay for insurance. If your insurance policy covers replacing the motorcycle if totaled it will be more expensive to get coverage for a newer bike. However, this is not always the case it can also be expensive if the bike you are covering is an antique and difficult to find. Imported or special order bikes can also raise the cost of insurance.

Another important consideration in the cost of your insurance is the amount of medical coverage you carry. If you have medical coverage that will pay for injuries you may sustain then your motorcycle insurance may be lower. This article should help you decide what questions to ask when you are looking for senior motorcycle insurance coverage.