Hiring the Long Term Unemployed

In a job market that has not been worse since the Great Depression, hiring the long term unemployed is quite simply not happening. Companies are being driven by fear to discriminate and be specifically selective when filling open positions. “It is really a buyer’s market for employers right now,” said Harry J. Holzer, an economist at Georgetown University and the Urban Institute This trend of requiring applicants to be gainfully employed is driving those without work further from it and only lengthening their unemployment gap.

Your Unemployment Means You Lack Skills

If you have been unemployed for more than a few months your chances of getting a job get worse and worse by the day. The view that most recruiters take is that if you had the skills necessary, you would have already found a position at another company or not lost your job in the first place. Also, the more time spent out of work for an individual means the more time away from keeping up to date with new developments and advances in their industry. Not to mention, some take the view that if you remain out of a job, it is because you are not working very hard to find one, and no one wants to hire a person that lacks motivation.

“Too many people forget that businesses exist to make money, not to create jobs. There’s a name for ensuring everyone, no matter how unskilled or unmotivated, has a job: socialism” – Thousandaire.com

Is this Discrimination?

Some are claiming that company’s refusal to hire out of work employees could be considered discrimination. In many cases Congress has put a ban on ads advertising jobs that require that applicants be employed to submit for the position. This is not a solution to the problem however, because executives could still pass on someone after seeing no recent work history listed on their resume. Discrimination can exist without any paper trail.

Government Gets Involved

The Government has offered tax incentives to companies if they hire out of work employees, however their efforts were futile since most companies had no knowledge of these poorly advertised tax breaks. Even if hiring officials were aware of these “rewards” for hiring, it may not be worth the risk to them of hiring someone who’s time out of work may have held them back from learning new and necessary skills for their trade.

Combating the Unemployment Epidemic

It seems that for those Americans out of work there is little hope, but there are things you can do to make yourself more desirable to those seeking to fill positions. If you take the “free” time you have to volunteer or go back to school you will benefit your own morale and show those hiring that you are still an active and productive member of society and not someone who is lazy.

Your best bet is to be diligent in your search for a job, continue to apply and be proactive in your search. Try not to be discouraged.

Author Bio: George Gallagher works in the education and finance world. When not writing about personal finance he helps students find solutions for their law student loan consolidation woes.

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