Second Career Or Sixth Career

As we all live longer and healthier lives, many cannot wait to ‘retire’ and move on to a second career.

If you need any inspiration for that, check out the Vancouver Sun Profile of B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald Brenner, who has resigned after nine years at the helm of the province’s senior trial bench.

At 64, Brenner could have continued sitting until 75, but he said he was looking forward to new challenges.

After 17 years as a judge of the Supreme Court of B.C., including the last nine years as chief justice, I have decided it is now an appropriate time for me to step down. I will be leaving our court on Sept. 7, 2009. I’ve had five careers, I think. It’s time to reinvent myself again.

Among other things Brenner was at one time a commercial pilot with Canadian Airlines. He is setting a great example for us all.

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