Jobs for Seniors in Toronto, Ontario

The world is changing for all and particularly for seniors.  With the global recession, some seniors are seeing their retirement funds dwindling alarmingly. At the same time, with improved health services, seniors can look forward to much longer lives than in the past.  Accordingly, seniors looking for jobs can be grouped in three categories:

  • There are those who are retired and would like to do something active that would give them monetary rewards.
  • There are those who would like to retire but must continue to work because it is tough taking ends meet in these recessionary times, and
  • There are those who do not consider themselves seniors but are healthy and looking for a second career as they pass fifty.

If you’re looking for jobs for seniors in Toronto, Ontario we have a good overview for you here. There are a number of information resources on the Web and here we will highlight four of them.

Find Jobs for Seniors in Toronto at Retired Worker

Retired Worker connects 50+ job-seekers to employers who are looking for the experience, broad skill base and value such workers deliver. It was launched in 2003 by Sarah Welstead and Max Stocker in Toronto and is now the largest employment website in Canada for 50+ job-seekers. (Canada) serves talented job seekers who wish to remain in the workforce and astute employers who are looking for skilled, experienced and reliable employees. Membership is free for job seekers who can access the jobs database and apply for jobs. There are also employment resources and career management tools that are tailored to mature and experienced workers.

Jobs For Seniors (Canada) will help seniors meet the challenges of re-entering the workplace and find the right position either in a part-time or full-time environment. In hiring a senior, an employer can look forward to the benefit of a productive and reliable person with many years of experience and knowledge.

Seniors Info (Canada)

This website in Ontario is part of a national project, the Collaborative Seniors’ Portal Network, and provides important information. for seniors, their families, and service providers. It has been developed through and by all three orders of government, and numerous seniors groups and service providers. Information about Federal and Provincial services is now readily available and in the future a wealth of local information of particular interest to seniors will be added.

The other factor that influences job choices is that there are many More Active Seniors than in the past.  Many are using time and money to pursue lifelong interests or to take on a second career, quite unlike the stereotype of grandparents sitting on the porch in rocking chairs.  Retirement can be a time of personal growth and activity.

That is the thinking behind CARP, Canada’s Association for the 50Plus, which brings a New Vision of Aging for Canada.

As the population ages and the “boomer” generation enters the “seniors” category, the more mature portion of our population become ever more important. Moses Znaimer, executive director of CARP, has coined the term ZOOMER to describe the highly motivated, energetic, well trained and non-retiring senior – a “boomer with ZIP”, as Moses puts it.

As part of that, there is a Canadian website, Seniors For, where progressive employers can connect with mature workers of 50 plus years.  The website is also known as

A Job-seeker can browse jobs and post resumes for free. An Employer can have immediate access to hundreds of job-seekers and post job vacancies, which will be accessible to almost 100,000 viewers each month for a small fee.

“Mature workers – employees of 50 + years up to “seniors” (wherever that starts) are a tremendous boon to the workplace”, says Darryl Wall, Vice President of . “Progressive employers throughout Canada are hiring seniors to supplement their workforce and provide a positive role model for new employees”.


This changed view of the 50+ threshold is also reflected in a similar US website, SeniorJobBank. which is a meeting place for over-50 job seekers and the employers seeking their services. Originally established in 1975, the SeniorJobBank claims to be  the most recognized name on the Internet serving this audience. The average age of visitors to the website is 57.

Such individuals are not ready to be put out to the proverbial pasture. They’re vibrant, dedicated, and knowledgeable. An employer can tap into this valuable and increasing segment of the population and benefit from the talent, experience and work ethic that they bring to any company or organization.

For those who do not think of themselves as seniors at 50, there is a sister website, Workforce50. designed for employers who wish to advertise to more mature job seekers for their job openings.

Many jobs will be better filled by mature workers, with skills, knowledge and experience who are wise in the ways of the world.  A win/win situation is certainly very likely for both employer and employee.